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When Buyers Want a White Paper,

Don't Give Them a Brochure

A failed white paper usually results from one of four causes: 

  1. it's too salesy, not educational enough (too much like a brochure)

  2. it has too few facts to back up claims  

  3. it's too focused on the vendor and not focused enough on the buyer

  4. it was improperly planned at the start

In contrast, a successful white paper starts with a detailed plan and ends as a marketing piece that earns the mindshare of your prospects.


It persuades them to do business with you through facts and logical arguments, not hype. And, when it's done really well, it can bring in leads and sales for years to come. 

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What can you expect when I write

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A White Paper Plan

Every white paper starts with a detailed plan to keep the project flowing smoothly.


What exactly does a White Paper Plan lay out?

  • The goal for the White Paper

  • Who the target audience is

  • Where it fits in your funnel

  • The Call to Action

  • The format of the white paper

       (see more about formatting here)

  • ​​​Broad overview of the content 

Starting with a White Paper Plan makes it much less likely that your white paper will get caught up in red tape and delayed -- or worse -- scrapped.


Once the white paper plan is finished, it will be circulated for approvals, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that everyone involved in the white paper is on the same page.

  • List of keywords and keyphrases

  • List of official reviewers

  • List of research/background materials

  • List of subject matter experts to interview

  • Timelines 

  • Writing and design guidelines

In-Depth Research and Interviews

After the white paper plan has been approved, I'll pour over any background info you provide, dive into research and start scheduling interviews. (You'll get copies of the recordings and transcripts.) 

Then, I'll organize the research and create an executive summary.

An Executive Summary

Before the First Draft

Once all the research and interviews are finished, I'll create a one to two page executive summary to circulate to all reviewers for approval.


This summary will be a synopsis of every point I plan to make in the white paper.


You'll get to see each argument and give constructive feedback before the first draft is ever written. Then, I'll make any adjustments and begin the first draft. This way, when the first draft comes across your desk, it will be very close to a finished draft.

Two Rounds of Revisions

With all the checks and balances built into the steps above, two rounds of revisions are usually all that's necessary. More often than not, you won't need that many.

More input upfront means fewer revisions in the end, so you'll get a polished product, ready for design and distribution instead of a never-ending revision process that leads to missed deadlines. 

A White Paper Your Leads Will Love

When you collaborate on a White Paper that keeps your prospects in mind from the start, it won't just be a self-serving sales piece. The end result will be a White Paper that serves the needs of your market.


And your prospects will love it.

That's what makes the difference between a winning white paper and a flop.


White Paper Formats 

White Papers are great to use at nearly every stage of your sales funnel. Here are the most common formats and when it's best to use each:


What it is:

A problem/solution white paper does what its name implies. It tell readers how to solve a current problem they are facing within their industry. And it introduces your product or service as part of that solution.


What it does: 

It sets your brand up as an industry authority and begins to build trust with your prospects as it educates and informs them.

When to use it:

These are perfect to offer at the top of your sales cycle when prospects are problem-aware and are beginning to research solutions.   

Numbered List


(Can stand alone or be combined with either of the other formats)

What it is:

It can be a list of questions that your prospects need answered. Or it can be a list of tips. It can even be a provocative list that kills your prospects "sacred cows," aka the beliefs they hold dear that would keep them from considering your product as a viable solution for their company.

What it does

Gets attention, nutures prospects or sheds doubt on your top competitors.

When to use it: 

A numbered list is often used in the middle of the sales funnel to help you stand out from the competition. It can keep you on your prospects' short list when they are "X"-ing other vendors off. 


What it is:

A backgrounder explains your product or service in-depth. It can describe processes, methodologies and/or dive deep into technical information than won't fit on a data sheet alone.

What it does:

It gives your solution-aware prospects the details they need to evaluate how your product or service will integrate with their company. 

When to use it: 

These are used lower in the sales cycle when your prospects are looking for more technical information to evaluate their options. 


White Paper Packages and Pricing

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Single White Paper
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What's Included:

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