Clap-Worthy Case Studies:

Delight Featured Clients 

and Win New Customers

Get Case Studies That Leave Everyone Clapping 

(not because they're over -- but because they're good)

Creating a case study that has everyone applauding at the end can feel like walking a tight-rope with a bucket of water in each hand. 


On one hand you need to showcase your solution as the answer to your customer's problems. On the other, you need to make your featured customer look like a hero.


And you have to do both while giving value to the prospects who read it.


One misstep and the entire case study could be awash. But get it right, and your featured clients (and your sales team) will give you a standing ovation.


And, best of all, new prospects will give you their business.

Let me help you master the balancing act.

Ready For a Case Study That Delights

Featured Customers and Wins New Ones?

What can you expect when I write your case study? 

A Writer Who Knows YOUR Stuff

The first step I'll take is to get to know the service or product you're featuring in the case study. I'll send you a questionaire to help me fully understand your product/service. And I'll dig into any existing collateral such as:​​

  • white papers

  • other case studies

  • datasheets

  • videos

This ensures you'll get a case study that nails your voice and your message—with fewer revision rounds and in less time. 

A Project Manager

All you need to do is introduce me to your featured customer, and then:

  • I'll schedule a 30-45 minute interview with them

  • Rock said interview 

  • Give you a recording and transcript of the interview

  • Manage revisions for both you and your client

  • Keep things on schedule

You'll have less stress and much less to juggle because you aren't having to babysit an "I'm just a writer," writer.

A Professional Who Won't Embarrass You

You've worked hard to build relationships with your valued customers. I respect that. And I understand that my interaction with your customers will reflect back on you. You can be sure I'll make it a good reflection.


I will always be:

  • Courteous

  • Friendly

  • Respectful of your client's time

  • Professional in every interaction (via phone, video-chat or email)

You'll still be able to look your clients in the eye when the project is finished. And they'll be glad they didn't pass up the opportunity to brag on you.

Copy in Your Choice of Style 

You can choose from copy to fill a traditional-style case study that's perfect for print. Or copy to fill a feature-style case study that's best suited for online readers. Or copy formatted to fill a slide deck to use in presentations.

Your copy will be the best length and tone for your intended audience. Pick copy for just one format—or combine them and get a package discount. (See more details below.)


Copy for Your Preferred Formats


Feature Format

Pick 'Feature' if your case study design is similar to a feature article 

Feature-style case studies look and read more like feature articles in a trade magazine than traditional case studies do.


They drop the traditional subheadings labeled Background, Challenge, Solution, Outcome, and instead use subheads that hint at the action in the story and pull skimmers into it. 

These case studies are perfect to engage online readers. And they're great for getting the attention of editors at publications you'd like to be featured in. 

Ideal For:

  • Instant Downloads - Lead Magnets

  • Blog Posts & eNewsletters

  • Advertorials

  • Attracting Media Attention

  • Standing Out at Trade Shows

(See Pricing and Packages Here)

Traditional Format

Pick 'Traditional' if your case study design is similar to this

Traditional-style case studies highlight your customer's success in a more newspaper-styled tone than feature studies. And, they use subheads labeled Background, Challenge, Solution, Outcome which is a very standard format. 

These are a bit harder to read online because of their layout, but great for print. Or even as a download your prospects can print out and read later.

Ideal For:

  • Trade Shows

  • Direct Mail

  • Partner Newsletters (or your own)

  • Internal Communications to Educate Your Teams

(See Pricing and Packages Here)

Case Study Packages and Investment

*Design not included. If you'd like me to handle design, I'd be happy to give you a custom quote.

Slide Deck Format

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 4.19.03 PM.png

Pick 'Slide Deck' to get copy for a Power Point or Keynote presentation

Slide deck case studies are terrific for sales presentations, up-sells or cross-sells for existing customers and even employee education.

Ideal For:

  • Anual Conference Presentations

  • Sales Presentations

  • Employee Education

  • Webinars

(Starting at $750 for copy only. Add to another case study for a discount. See package prices below)
Double Slice
(Copy for 1 Case Study,
sliced two ways)
What's Included:

You'll get 1 Customer story sliced 2 ways:

I'll interview one customer and use their success story to create copy for:

  • 1 Case Study in your choice of Traditional or Feature Format  (up to 2 pages, aprox. 800-1000 words)

  • A Slide Deck Case Study

Plus, Everything outlined Here


Single Slice
(Copy for a Case Study
in 1 Format)
What's Included:

Copy for 1 Case Study in your choice of Traditional or Feature Format 

(between 800-1000 words, aprox. 2 designed pages)

Plus, everything outlined Here


Triple Slice
(Copy for 1 Case Study,
Sliced 3 ways )
What's Included:

You'll get 1 Customer story sliced 3 ways:

I'll interview one customer and use their success story to create copy for all three formats:

  • A Traditional Case Study (up to 2 pages, 800-1000 words)

  • A Feature Case Study (up to two pages, 800-1000 words)

  • A Slide Deck Case Study

Plus, everything outlined Here



See What You Need?

Follow these three steps to get clap-worthy case studies:

Step 1

Get Started

Just click the "Let's Get Started" button below. Then fill out a short form giving me some basic info about your project(s). 

Should take less than 5 minutes.

Step 2

I Email You

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Step 3

We Hop on a Call 

At the scheduled time, we'll hop on a call. I'll make sure I'm clear on your goals. Then, within 24 hrs, I'll send over a detailed proposal. Once it's approved, and the deposit is paid, off we go!