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Get More Traffic to Your Site

Get More Action Taken on It

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(with copywriting that checks all the right boxes)

Yes, your company's website should include search engine optimization. SEO brings traffic to your site and helps you rank in search. Who wouldn't want that?


But, for your site to be its most effective, you can't stop at SEO.


Because if you do, the visitors you've worked so hard to bring to your site will bounce right off it. And all the effort you put into SEO will be wasted.

That's why Conversion-Rate Optimization is so important.  

Once you've gotten prospects to your site, CRO gives them these kinds of messages to keep them clicking through:


Clear messages that explain who you are, what you do and who you serve

Relatable messages that echo the voice of your customer

Trustworthy messages that outline specific promises, not vague ideas

The hardest working sites online don't choose between SEO or CRO. They use both. 

Ready to Get Prospects to Your Site

AND Get Them to Take Action Once They're There? 


What Do You Get When I Write Your Web Copy? 

A 5-step process t0 keep the goals of your site in-focus.

So, the miscommunications that cause delays and derail projects are eliminated, and no time is wasted getting your website copy up and working harder for you than ever before. 

Here's what you get within that process:

1. A Writer Who Cares Enough to "Get All Up in Your Business"

I'll work closely with you to discover and understand:

  • your business as a whole

  • your goals for your website

  • your current site analytics

  • your target market

  • your competition

2. A Detailed Optimization Plan

Once I've dug into your business and the goals for your site, I'll work closley with your dev team to create an action plan. You'll get a document that:

  • outlines copy recommendations for your site, page by page 

  • includes suggestions for layout and images

You'll approve or adjust the plan. Then you can have peace of mind that everyone involved is moving forward in the right direction.

3. A Site Map  

As I'm working with you and your dev team, we'll nail down:

  • The number of pages in your site

  • Main pages

  • Sub pages

  • How the pages should flow from Home page to buying process for the best user experienc

You'll get a site map that gives a clear picture of how visitors will move through your site's pages, and no surprises about what kinds of sub pages you'll need. 

4. A Key-Message Clarity Document

I'll pour over your existing customer data and get very clear on: 

  • Your target customer's pain points

  • How your product or service solves them

  • The objections or barriers your clients have that's keeping them from choosing you

  • Where they are on the buyer's journey

  • The search phrases they use to find you online

(Don't worry, if you don't have enough data, I'll help you get it.) Then, I'll compile a document that clarifies your key messages (your promises, benefits, the site's value proposition, offers, calls to action and primary keywords.) 

5. SEO + Conversion Copy (Wireframed)

I'll use the key messages I outline in step 4 to create website copy that's:

  • Clear

  • Customer-Focused

  • Trustworthy

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Conversion-Rate Optimized

I'll deliver them in a mock-up (aka wireframe) of the page layout you approved in step 2, so everyone can see how the messages will appear. (Two revisions are always included, but not always necessary.) I'll present the draft and final copy live via Zoom so all stakeholders will know the "why's" behind every copy decision.

What's Your Investment for All That?


While I'll gladly give you a custom quote, here are some packages I offer:

Web Copy Packages

What's Included:

Everything outlined in my 5-Step Success Process

SEO + Customer-Focused Copy for 10 site pages

  • Home Page

  • 9 Additional Site Pages*

*Does not include landing or sales pages


What's Included:

Everything outlined in my 5-Step Success Process

SEO + Customer-Focused Copy for 3 site pages:

  • Home Page

  • Additional Site Pages*

*Does not include landing or sales pages


What's Included:

Everything outlined in my 5-Step Success Process

SEO + Customer-Focused Copy for 6 site pages:

  • Home Page

  • 5 Additional Site Pages*


*Does not include landing or sales pages

Follow these three steps to get website copy that attracts + converts:

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Step 3

We Hop on a Call 

At the scheduled time, we'll hop on a call. I'll make sure I'm clear on your goals. If we're clear and, seem like a good fit, I'll send over a detailed proposal within 24 hrs. 

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